testing scanning on RDP with thin client

I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with.  I have an HP t5730w thin client with XPe, a terminal server Windows 2008, and a Canon MF4350d.  I can get the printer to work both locally and via RDP.  I can get the scanner to work locally.  I am testing remote-scan software, and have been able to scan to the server twice.  As soon as I restart the thin client, the remote scan will not detect the scanner under twain, nor will irfanview software detect the scanner (twain based).  I have reformatted the thin client so many times, I've lost count.  From HP, I have installed SP43864 (Scanner/Web cam update) and SP41409 (DirectX update), as well as wiasdk from Microsoft.  I cannot see WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) under the services at all, although I do have Still Image Service - changed that from Manual to Automatic.  I installed the canon Color Network ScanGear. Before, I was installing the Canon Toolbox, but it wouldn't even detect the scanner, and I could never uninstall it, so I stopped installing it.  The scanner DOES show up under WIA scanners, but it will not scan using remote scan using the WIA.  It says it should work, but it doesn't.  It sees it, just doesn't scan, I get an error.  It really wants the twain.

The thing is, the scanning works perfectly fine on my regular desktop pc (dell optiplex) with RDP and locally.  I really want the thin clients to work, as I have some group homes that these would be perfect in, I just can't get it to work!  And I don't know what I am doing wrong.  The twain just doesn't 'stick' after the reboot.  I do have EWF disabled the entire time.  I don't want to keep wasting my time if this will never work.  I don't know who to go to for assistance either, HP, Canon, or Remote-Scan??  I have contacted all three with no resolution.

Thanks in advance,
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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
it did work the first time and then not after a reboot. does it make any difference if you use a different user account. Eg does it work the first time from the host or the user account?

i am thinking/wondering about something similar to the old redundant printer issue that would cause printers to stop working.


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StephanieFosterAuthor Commented:
I logged on as another user (core) on the thin client (other than the administrator), and it saw the twain scanner, but I could not default it to that.  I was able to RDP in and it previewed and scanned.  I logged off the "Core" user and logged back on, and was able to preview but not scan.  Had to restart the thin client, logged in as the builtin "User" and it actually brought up the screen that I see when I start my regular PC - "native Twain, etc etc".  I couldn't do anything with it, because it is a limited account (I'm assuming).  Could not scan to RDP when logged in as "User".  Logged back in as "Core" user and was able to default the scanner as twain. This time was able to scan to RDP (couple different non-admin users).  But under that user (Core), I cannot set the EWF to enabled (semi-limited user).  Tried to capture the formatting, but can only do that in admin mode too... Logged off of "Core" user, logged onto adminstrator, could not find the scanner error.  Created a new admin account and it came up with the popup for "Native twain, etc".  So, the only problem is the administrator account.  And honestly, I don't care if that works or not.  Thank you for that simple fix!
StephanieFosterAuthor Commented:
I meant to say that when I logged on as "administrator" it could NOT find the scanner, that there was an error.
StephanieFosterAuthor Commented:
While the problem with the administrator is still there, the problem is fixed using other users.
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