DELL Optiplex 760 Windows and Network Problem


This morning, 2 of our DELL Optiplex  760 (we have 4) starting having issues with Windows.  Their network connection is gone.  The Windows Start bar dissapeared and I cannot seem to add/remove programs even though I am logged in as the local Administrator.

These computers are running Windows XP SP3.  

Here are some highlights of the issues these computers have:

If I double click the Microsoft windows Network in my Network Places:
I get this error:   Unable to browse the network

The network is not present or not started.  Our Mapped drives are gone.

If I right click My Network Places, nothing shows up.  

When going through folders, I can select a file and copy it, but I cannot paste it anywhere.  If I right click and choose Paste, the paste option is grayed out.

The Windows Start bar is gone.  I can see only the upper border and I cannot bring it where it was before.

Add Remove Programs loads up, but I cannot remove any programs.

If I try System Restore, I get this message:
System Restore is not able to protect your computer.  Please restart your computer and run system restore again.

I checked the registry Windows Current Version Run and I did not notice anything unusual.

If I use MSCONFIG and  I try to uncheck a service (like Java)  I get this error:
An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a service.  You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the speficied changes.  I am logged in as the local administrator, though.

The last thing I remember this computer was able to do was a java update this morning right after I woke it up from Stand By mode.  

The weirdest thing is that 2 out of 4 DELL OptiPlex 760 are having the same problems.  The other 2 and the rest of our network computers are fine.  These 2 Dells are some of the newest computers we have in the the office.

Any ideas?  
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B HCommented:
do you by chance have mcafee installed?  mcafee pushed out an update which detects the REAL "svchost.exe" as a virus, and promptly kills it... along with your network access
"The other 2 and the rest of our network computers are fine."
So you are on a domain, right?

If you are, try removing the machines from the domain and re-add them.
TheUndeciderAuthor Commented:
Hi DexIT,

I unplugged both computers from the network and I am trying to login to the local computer as the local administrator.  That's what I find odd:  the fact that if I try to open Windows as the local computer, or even in Safe Mode does not work.  

If I run Task Manager, the processes listed there do not have the user name that triggered them up.  In my own computer, I can see Local Service, ,System, Network service and my user name for all the processes running.  
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B HCommented:
here's a better link, with potential fixes:

mcafee's support site is offline, effectively ddos'd with millions of angry users
Just replace svchost.exe from C:\windows\system32\dllcache, or do a search in C:\Windows for the latest version..... Should be several in the Update Uninstall folders. Drop it into c:\windows\system32.

Leaset this way you wont need a thumb drive.....
TheUndeciderAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your help!  That was it!   I just replaced the svchost.exe file on C:Windows\System32\ and it worked.  
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