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I have created an Open Directory network. All users login with their network accounts. Their home directories are on the OD server. When a user logs in they can not change the icons on the dock. They can add programs and they can remove the ones they add, however they can not remove the default ones IE.. mail, photobooth, ical etc...

Can not just drag off, and they keyboard shortcuts do not work either (hold shift while dragging) could not drag to trash either.

How or what do i do/change to allow users to modify their own dock?
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YiHateuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you remove items from the dock as an admin?

1 - If the users are admins can they remove these items?

2 - I assume that parental controls are not enabled on the accounts or that those prohibiting 'dock changes' have been disabled.

Please verify the two checks above have been performed.
If you still cannot drag the icon off of the dock or send it to the trash bin then click and hold the icon you wish to remove. You should then get a context window with options specific to the application/item, including 'remove from dock'.

You may also want to try using the Terminal command to lock and unlock the Dock in case something has been corrupted.

Open Terminal:

To LOCK the Dock use:
defaults write contents-immutable -bool true
killall Dock

To UNLOCK use:
defaults write contents-immutable -bool false
killall Dock
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
Since the article tells you how to stop them, I would assume that the opposite would be true? Since I am trying to allow users to modify their dock.

I have left the settings to default which would imply that the users should be able to modify their dock, since the box is checked, and even when i select "Always" I left the box checked to allow for users to modify their dock. However this does not work. They can add to or remove ONLY what they add. Still can not remove default icons.
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
I had to use the "partially" because I have not needed to address this issue yet, and the director wants to leave it this way for now. I will be re-addressing it at a later time.
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