Use Input Buttons to link to another page

I'm trying to add buttons to a web page so that I can navigate to another page on my site without using any Active X controls.  If I use an Interactive Button, it works but IE prompts for an Active X plug in.  I tried to use Input buttons but I can't get the links to work.

I am new to this.  I have a ,dwt file and my buttons are in the left (uneditable) pane as shown in the code snippet.

Button 1 had a hyperlink attached to it by right clicking and adding a hyperlink in the design view, Button 2 was coded by me in the code window.

Now IE prompts me for Active X plugin and neither button works whether or not a accept the plug in!

<div id="leftnav">
				<input name="Button3" type="button" value="Home" style="width: 157px" /><form method="post">
				<a href="../News.htm">
				<input name="Button1" type="button" value="News" style="width: 157px" /></a></form>
				<input name="Button2" type="button" value="CEO Message" style="width: 157px" onclick="GotoLink(../CEO_Message.htm)"/>

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MSProjectGeekConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I eventually found the answer myself here

Remember that my question was how to have link buttons without using Active X plug ins.
Instead of using the javascript "onclick" property, use the HTML a tag:

<input name="Button2" type="button" value="CEO Message" style="width: 157px" onclick="GotoLink(../CEO_Message.htm)"/> becomes

<a href="../CEO_Message.htm"><input name="Button2" type="button" value="CEO Message" style="width: 157px"/></a>
MSProjectGeekAuthor Commented:
That got rid of the prompt for ActiveX plugin but it still did nothing when I previewed in browser and clicked on the button :(

The hyperlink is good because I cant Ctrl+click on it in the .dwt file and that page opens for editing.

Am I supposed to declare something about 'block' for the button in the .css file?
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It seems Internet Explorer doesn't support this. Oh well, you'll have to use javascript, then. Try this:

<input value="CEO Message" style="width: 157px type="button" onclick="document.location='../CEO_Message.htm'" />
MSProjectGeekAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I tried that code line, I think it was wrong as it had syntax errors originally.  I changed it to                         <input name="CEO Message"  type="button" value="CEO Message" "style="width: 157px onclick="document.location='../CEO_Message.htm'" style="width: 156px" />

The button looked OK but still no action when you click on the button :(
You asked how to use INPUT buttons as links. I gave you the solution, using no ActiveX and only plain javascript. The solution you have given yourself does not fulfill your original question.
MSProjectGeekAuthor Commented:
Sorry HeniHog, I tried your suggestions but they didn't work. I told you this but got no response. Not sure what you mean about Javascript, I never said it HAD to use javascript.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something but when I tried the solution I linked to, the buttons worked, and IE didn't ask permission to install an Active X plug in.  From my perspective, if you'd have given me that link, I would've given you the points.
I'll rephrase: Your question was on how to use, and I quote "use input buttons to link to another page". You did not state what technology you wanted this to be done in, but your initial question was nevertheless clear. I gave you a solution that fulfilled your request and did, contrary to what IE tells you, not contain any ActiveX. You post a solution that uses P and A tags, not input buttons, as links. Therefore, it is an invalid solution to your specific question, and an invalid answer to whoever else may be interested.
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