MOSS 2007 Calendar show all instances of a recurring appointment

I am building a scheduling application MOSS 2007 Enterprise.  I am looking for a way to view all instances of a recurring appointment in a list view.
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jimbizservConnect With a Mentor ConsultantAuthor Commented:
In case anyone cares, turns out there is a view native to MOSS 2007 that shows all instances of a recurring event.  (Please consider this question closed)
Not sure you can as recurring events are simple repeated instances of the same list item/form
can you let us know how to do this? This is something I wanted to do a view ago but after trying and asking I was under the impression it couln't be done
jimbizservConsultantAuthor Commented:
In MOSS 2007 or WSS 3 when you go to "Create View" (at least on my servers) there is an option there that I had missed before.  See below as copied from my WSS server:

Create View: Calendar  
  Use this page to select the type of view you want to create for your data.  
Choose a view format  
 Standard View
View data on a Web page. You can choose from a list of display styles.
 Standard View, with Expanded Recurring Events. View data on a Web page. You can choose from a list of display styles. Use this view type to show each instance of a recurring event.
 Calendar View
View data as a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.
 Datasheet View
View data in an editable spreadsheet format that is convenient for bulk editing and quick customization.
 Gantt View
View list items in a Gantt chart to see a graphical representation of how a team's tasks relate over time.
 Access View
Start Microsoft Office Access to create forms and reports that are based on this list.
jimbizservConsultantAuthor Commented:
PS, the list must be a calendar to get the Standard View, with Expanded Recurring Events view.
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