Network adapter configuration for Failover Cluster with CSV, iSCSI, and Hyper-V

I have been struggling with configuring the network adapters on a 2-node Server 2008 R2 failover cluster with CSV, iSCSI, and Hyper-V. The attached screen prints will hopefully give you an idea of how I have configured my adapters. My network logic is as follows:

Host - usually called "Management", to be used by host fo all of it's normal networking needs
Hyper-V - 2 physical adapters teamed (for redundancy) and then presented to the hypervisor

Heartbeat - I am using the old term, I think the new way of naming this is something like "Cluster" or "Cluster Communications", if I can figure out how to do it I would like this to be the only adapter the cluster uses for cluster specific traffic (Heartbeat, CSV, etc), I have read some articles about being able to limit CSV to a percentage of this adapters max usage to prevent CSV from drowning out the Heartbeat and causing an unexpected failover event

Live Migration - the only reason I separated this adapter on it's own network was because of the numerous articles online which recommended it

iSCSI - 3 physical adapters using MPIO

Does this seem like a sound network configuration? Any suggestions?

If this is a good configuration how about some advice on how to configure the adapter properties for each physical adapter?
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Hyper-V NIC 1&2 are the adapters exposed to Hyper-V to use as the virtual networking for all the Guest VM's.
Test your configuration with cluster validation wizard and read carefully all suggestions.
It's OK, but you can limit cluster network traffic on interfaces not designed you would like to use for other purposes.
That looks good provided it passes cluster validation... only validated clustered are supported by microsoft.
Regarding configuring the networks I recommend reading this.,printer).aspx

What exactly are Hyper-V NIC#1 and NIC#2 for? Whats the intented use?

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