.jnlp displays as plain/text in IE

.jnlp file hosted by Websphere 6.1 via IIS 6.0 is displayed in browser as plain/text instead of executing via WebStart.  I have tried adding .jnlp in MIME types on IIS but it did not make a difference.  It used to execute in WebStart fine but does not any more.  If I open the same .jnlp file on a different IIS/Websphere environment (Production), it opens in WebStart fine.
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BSSForestsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I found the solution.  The web.xml file was missing the following code:


I guess it was removed in the last build.  I fixed the xml file in the EAR file and reinstalled.  All is ok now.

The following site helped me:  http://www.twainconnect.com/jnlp/Default.aspx

check the content type of the jnlp response to verify it is as expected
BSSForestsAuthor Commented:
The content type of the response is plain/text.  Should it not be application/x-java-jnlp-file?
double check your mime type setup on iis
BSSForestsAuthor Commented:
I thought that was the issue and added the mime type to IIS at the local computer property level but it did not make a difference.  I didn't have to add it before?!? And it was not there.  Strange.
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