How to attach iSCSI on Hyper-V Guest to be used by DPM

I would like to create a Hyper-V Guest VM as a System Center Data Protection Manager server.

What would be my choices on how to attach iSCSI storage for use by DPM? Would I need to create another virtual switch just for iSCSI to this Guest VM? What about a second network adapter on the Guest VM itself?

Please see another question for my system configuration details.

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yes it will.  A pass through should give you a direct line to your iSCSI NAS for DPM.

I would agree I don't see why you would see any major issues with taking one of the NICs for iSCSI would be a huge issue either.

Sounds like you have a pretty good direction to head.  I would use the one NIC as a passthought and dedicate it to your DPM iSCSI Storage and you should be ready to roll!
I would have to test it..  but in theory if you where to add a NIC to the VM and use that with your iSCSI initiator it should let you use it much like any other iSCSI setup.

What I would do is make sure that NIC is dedicated to that VM only!!   You don't want to be sharing that with any other VMs.
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I currently have 3 network adapters on my hosts which are dedicated to iSCSI.

Do I need to take one of those adapters away from the host and use it to create a new Hyper-V External virtual switch dedicated to giving Guest VM's passthrough iSCSI capibility?
I would personally, but only because of the amount of data that will be crossing it.  You can take one if you have the ability, or if you have space you could add yet another.  However I would try my best to isolate that to it's own NIC.

The other three NICs are doing what currently?  Are you using them to provide iSCSI disk for the HyperV box for the other servers?
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Unfortunately I am out of expansion space in my hosts.

A SAN/NAS vendor I was talking to told me that 2 network adapters dedicated to iSCSI was fine for a host so I'm not too worried about stealing one adapter for the guests.

The 3 NICs dedicated to iSCSI are to give the host (failover cluster nodes) access to an iSCSI NAS device which has all of our centrallized storage.

I have a different iSCSI NAS device that I would like to provision to DPM. I understand that a passthrough connection to the Guest VM running DPM will bypass the hypervisor as fas as iSCSI traffic.
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