Hi Experts,

I have the need for inter-operating questions to find a way to mount a USB (FAT FORMATED) LUKS encrypted volume (created under Mandriva Linux OS) on MAC OS X.
Those LUKS encrypted volumes can easily be mounted on WINDOWS OS by FreeOTFE command-line driven.

Please don't dig around TRUECRUPT possible solutions to match my inter operating needs, because I have the need to work with LUKS encrypted volumes, and TRUECRYPT doesn't manage them.

Have already tried OSXCrypt solution that  unfortunatly didn't succeed to mount LUKS encrypted volume under MAC OS X.

Trying hard to find a command-line way to attach a USB LUKS encrypted volume under MAC OS X, i request your help to bypass that problem.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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You could try using a virtual machine to install a Linux distro on your Mac and then try to use that to get to the LUKS encrypted volume. See virtual box.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Run linux in a virtual system and have that open your luks volume?
No need for a big bloated thing, you only would need cryptsetup and some means to transport data to the host.
meenamataAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,
First of all, thanks for your answers,
those two previous answers request the use of linux distros to mount on Mac OSX luks based encrypted volumes.
I think i forget to say that decryption of luks volume must be done in portable mode (any file is supposed to be installed on mac os host to access the content inside the encrypted volume.
That can be certainly possible by using a live usb linux distro that could run without the need of rebooting the mac.
Unfortunatly can't afford loosing 50% of storage available in  encrypted volume by installing any usb portable linux distro to decrypt luks in MAC OSX environment.
Actually trying to find a way to add cryptsetup-LUKS to damn small linux distro but can't find any reliable solution to do so,

Any help is very welcome,
Thanks in advance
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
you don't need any linux to run on your host.
Use VirtualBox, Qemu (or equivalent) and run a tiny distro While your host is running.
It should have enough memory to allow you to run the kernel + some file transfer tooling. (FTP, SAMBA (needs quite some more)...
Any tiny linux can do. Personal opinion: take one that has it allready on board and optionally trim it down.  The distro + Virtual Environment should be on your OS/X system. You don't want to run something just of a stick.

Linux from scratch might be a better approach if you need to build something.

gtkfreakCommented: This distro is a 120 mb download, based on puppylinux and claims to have cryptsetup / luks capabilities. You can try this with virtualbox.
meenamataAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answers, going to try to dig around that way.
Will be back ASAP for some feedback,
Thanks for your help,
ok. Here is the other approach you can take.
1. Download PuppyLinux from here
2. Cut to CD or start virtualbox and run it.
3. Get the device-mapper pet file from here
4. Get the cryptsetup pet file from here
5. Start up the File Manager in Puppy Linux and to install the PET files, just double-click on them. They will get installed.
6. You will now be able to use cryptsetup / luks from the command line in PuppyLinux.

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meenamataAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,

Sorry for replying so late again, but as my professionnal situation is changing i didn't found any time to give some feedback to your answers.

Thanks to gtkfreak who gave me an helpfull answer.
This answer is no more than the copy of an internet ressource found by googling.
Links to download device-mapper is down...

Thanks for your help...

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