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If I have two sites let's say Site Red, and Site Blue.  I want to make them subsites of Site Color:   Site Color currently does not exist.  How do I insert the Site Color so that is is the parent and Site Red and Site Blue are its children?

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samer_othman82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can easily

on the home page, go to site action-->Manage content and Structure.

you will see all the sites that you have
In my example i used Sub1 as the color site (parent) and Sub3 as the Red site (child)

click on the Sub3 (red in your example)  then select the arrow and select move (see attached image1)
then the sharepoint will ask for the site that will be the father (sub1 in my example Color in yours) see attached image2

and click ok , now to show the site as sub sites (go to color site -->site action-->site sitting-->naviagation  then select and check the check box called (Show sub sites)
thats it

save your site red and blue as template and then on new web application create  new root site called Color
then use the saved site template to recreate both red and blue sites..

while creating template you can save data as well in the template.
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