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I'm trying to set up a SUSE router/firewall. I have 3 nics installed in the Linux box: 2 for internal subnets, 1 for external connection.

2 internal networks are sm and sm

I enable forwarding linux box and it works fine. My 2 internal machines can ping each other.

When I turn on the firewall, I lose ping between the internal machines. I can ping the local machine, the local gw, and the gw for the other subnet, but get no response from the host on the other subnet.

Turning off the firewall doesn't seem to fix the problem, I have to reboot the router machine.

What am I overlooking?
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chad_rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you post the output of "iptables -L"?  That lists the chains configured on the firewall.  Also, while it's running you can attempt to flush the table with "iptables -F" which will flush the chains.  I'd be curious if things start working again after this.  If your default policy is "drop" then it won't, but it will remove all the other rules in place.  You should be able to restore them by simply rebooting, but this would be an interesting test.
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