How do I determine the last time auto archive was run in Outlook 2007?

Is there any way that I can determine the date and time that an employees Outlook items were last archived?  The date modified on the archive.pst file appears to be the last date that the Outlook mailbox was accessed, not the date of the last archive process.
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Ah I see, didn’t realize it was regularly opened.

There is an entry in the registry that records when it was last archived.

The entry is called LastAged.

You can find it in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\<version  

(Version Numbers are as follows: Outlook 2003 - 11.0, Outlook 2002 – 10.0, Outlook 2000 – 9.0, Outlook 97/98 - 8.0)  

Look at the decimal value of “LastAged”

This value is the number of minutes since Jan 1 1601

So by converting the Minutes to Hours, Hours to Days, then adding that to Jan 1 1601 will give you the last date it was archived.
You can look at the properties of the  Archive.pst and see when it was last modified.

SKBayerAuthor Commented:
The modified date of the Archive.pst file in properties is always the current date (last time Outlook was opened), not the last time that the archive process was run.
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