where to find my Real Player Library files?

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I got a new hard drive and the repair shop transferred all data. They said everything but programs would move over. I completely forgot to consider my video files within my Real Player Library. Of course the new hard drive did not have Real Player.
Did my files go with it?
Or are they located somewhere on my new hard drive?

(not seeing a Real Player zone)
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Not sure how your repair shop went about it, but generally for my clients I copy the entire volume of old.HDD to new.HDD and place it into a 'Backup' folder
I would suggest looking for this backup folder, the tech working on your machine most likely took the root directory on your original HDD and put it into this backup folder

If you still can't find it, blame the tech, he obviously did not back up 'everything' as he stated
he said he would transfer everything but "programs".
I remember him saying the transfer could take many hours and I asked what happens if my hard drive shuts down (the reason I needed a new one) and he said, the process will pickup where it left off.
So, are the Real Player library files actually a part of the program..?..and not on my new hard drive?

I have the old hard drive, but I have never installed one. He said everything was still on my old hard drive. It was cutting off intermittently.
Would it be easy at all, to put my old hard drive into some other old computer and locate my Real Player library files and send them to myself as an e-mail attatchment, etc.?
I would imagine your library was stored in your documents folder
Check your current document folders as well as the backup document folders for any 'Real Player' or '(My) Video(s)' folders

Better yet, if you can remember a name of one of the video files run a search on your hard drive for it
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I am not finding a backup folder.
I asked the guy where everything would be, and he said  ,things would be where they were before the transfer.
He was correct on all folders, files, icons on my desktop. Eveything was there except the prgrams  that could not be transferred.

Sounds like he properly maintained directory structure
Which means the last place to look is 'My Documents' give this folder a look, if not, install the old HDD and pull files directly from the old Real Player directory
I'm not finding it in my documents.
If the video files were rather imbedded in the Real Player I'll have to go back to the old hard drive.

start > search > real player > zero results.
Looks like that is the case
Install the old HDD, as long as the data is still there everything should remain in proper directories on the drive

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