Adding a Quorum drive to Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2 Cluster in VMWare Workstation 6.5.3


I'm having a problem adding a "quorum" drive to my Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Ed. cluster.  This is my first attempt at clustering in Windows Server (of any version).  

To point, I can install Microsoft Server Clustering Services (MSCS) on the first node, however it throws warning flags at the end for the Quorum and the only option I have is to select "local quorum".   However, according to Microsoft this will only let you have a 1-node cluster...which I don't see the point of.

I've found several areas stating how to do this in VMWare 6.5, however I don't seem to be able to get them set up.  In fact, I have followed this individual's directions exactly...and they are pretty much the same as every other set of directions that I've found on the net.

Here is the link:

A quick recap of that link, tells me to create a new virtual drive on the first node (in his example, CLUSTER01), make it independent/persistent, and then close the VM, edit the .vmx file and add some text in (to which he has a screenshot for).

However, try as I might, i can NOT get any of this to work.

The best result that I've gotten so far, is that node 1 can access the "Q" drive (the Quorum), write a file to it, and save it....but on the second node can't view it or do anything on the disk.  I thought that would mean that the disk was locked but it's not (it's set to false in the .vmx file).  And since it doesn't see it as "shared storage", it will not allow me the option of choosing that as the Quorum (both nodes just treat it like a normal disk).

Any ideas?  I've been building and rebuilding these VMs for about a week and a half now, and I would greatly appreciate any help that someone could give.  I'm trying to create a testing lab baseline, so that i can store it off on my NAS and copy it to whichever machine i might be on when i need to test something.

In this particular case, I will have a DC, Sharepoint 2007 farm with 2 servers, a web front end, and a set of clustered SQL 2005 servers.  I've never set anything like this up before, which is why i'm stuck on the clustering part within VMWare.

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Ensure that clustered disk is not in the same controller as guest OS(scsi0:X), should be on a separate controller eg. scsi1:X
I think you'll find that you will need to use an RDM as your quorum disk (and any shared disk for that matter in a MSCS cluster) unless you're purely testing and would be happy with a one node cluster.
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
@Ryder - It is, the virtual disk that i was trying to share between them was on controller SCSI 1:0.

@Crunched - what are you referring to when you say "RDM"?  All i can think of as Remote Desktop Manager, but I'm unsure of how that would fit into this situation...and this is PURELY for testing purposes, however my test was to get a two node active/passive cluster set up with MSCS, and then turn that into a two node SQL Server 2005 cluster.  I've never done these before, but I should know how since I'm going to have to stand that up for each server farm I deploy for MOSS2007 at home/work (which is what all this is centralized around).

Due to me running low on space here in the house (I've used up all of the spare drives floating around the place) was very interested in purchasing a NAS (2TB or so with room for expansion - or if' it's cheaper, make it myself), and then use THAT as Shared Storage for the Quorum, but I'm still unsure of how that works.

Because technically, having a NAS wouldn't matter in this case, right?  I mean, i could always just create a share on my host machine and have both VM's attack that as the Quorum, right?  Or does it not work that way?
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No, it wouldn't work that way. By RDM I mean raw device mappings. Basically shared storage in the form of a LUN (presented directly to the vm). It will need to be shared over fibre channel, so this won't work for your setup. A single node cluster is pretty much all you can do using local storage or iSCSI if you get that NAS setup. Although Im not sure if vmware workstation is compatible with shared storage. Maybe you could build yourself an ESXi host and connect that up to your NAS/SAN via iSCSI (openfiler vm?).

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ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
In order to build an ESX host, i need another physical machine, correct?

Or is it feasible to create a virtual ESX host (using basic linux hardware recommendations within VMWare), and then create another machine to host VIC on?

Grrr, all I want is two clustered Windows 2003 servers.  You'd think that this would be easy...everyone else seems to be able to get it to work except for me :(
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
Update - Increasing point value to 500 from 250.

And just a quick explanation - All I need are two clustered 2003 servers so that I can set up SQL 2005 Server (clustered) on each.  If anyone can explain how to do this in VMWare 6.5, or tell me about something else that I can use, or even provide the files for the cluster within VMWare themselves, I would be appreciative.

Just setup a single node cluster - are you trying to test MSCS or SQL 2005?
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to test MSCS.  Once I get that working, I wanted to install SQL 2005 on it and create an SQL cluster with that.

I don't know how any of it works, and wanted to test it myself.   That's the true purpose behind this.  Because I want to set up a "replica" of our Sharepoint setup that we have at work, on my home PC.  We have a few clusters, so I wanted to cluster a few servers together.  Otherwise, I won't understand how the WFE, Web/Application, Search, Central Admin, and SQL servers all interact with each other.
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
That post is similar to the one that I linked up above.
And actually, the last individual to post on it still hasn't gotten an answer yet as well.
It looks like I'm stuck either doing some more fiddling with it, or trying a different approach.  
Unless anyone here is interested in trying to set it up and let me know what happens?
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
Not what I was looking for, specifically, but my fellow Expert answered as best he could with such a vague amount of information that I gave.  

Unfortunately it does not seem like this is going to be able to set up correctly.  I'll switch to VPC or VMS.

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