How to force users to lock their computers when idle in win 2003 network?

Is there any Group Policy I can modify to accomplish this?
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Joseph DalyCommented:
There is a group policy for this. It is very easy to configure.

Basically if you create a new GPO and go to user configuration | administrative templates | control panel / display

You will see the options in the image below. If you make the settings exactly as below you will set the screensaver to lock after 10 minutes and require the user to enter their windows password.
Add a password policy for the screensaver
If you institute a GPO that locks the screen make sure upper management has signed off on it or you will have all heck to pay in user complaints! I know we had it even with approval but we were able to make it stick! Without upper management approval the fight will be that much harder!

If you deal with any medical data you can throw the H bomb on them!
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