BlackBerry not resolving names to address book when SMS is received

Need some advice on how to fix an issue with BlackBerry smartphone not resolving the phone numbers in its address book to contact names, when an SMS is received and the phone number in the address book is "properly" formatted.

For example, if phone number in the address book is in Outlook contacts format "(123) 456-7890" then received SMS will display "+11234567890" (in other words +<country code><area code><number>), however if the phone number in the address book is in "1234567890" format - it works correctly. This is causing an issue since Microsoft Outlook, which synchronizes contacts to the BlackBerry through BES, automatically formats all numbers to the "proper" format above once dialing rules are configured on the system.

This is not the encryption/content protection issue and the country code is set correctly under Phone Options -> Smart Dialing.

Issue is happening on Bold 9700 devices with version
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Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, this is an issue with your firmware so it can only be resolved by a firmware update.
migadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was able to find the following KB article that seems to indicate the same thing. I guess I'm stuck waiting for the carrier to provide the latest firmware release.
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