Windows XP services not starting

This morning two of our salesmen reported the same issue with their laptops.   When the started up their laptops they were missing the WIndows Taskbar, the windows key did not work and neither did Ctrl-Esc.  

We finally got the windows taskbar back but they can not get any internet connection. I had them check services and most of the autostart services were not running.  I had them try to start them manually but most of the services would not start.  They either get a dependency error or a message saying that the services could not start.  

I had them reboot and look in the event log.  The only errors they could find were in the system log and occured on starting the services.  The error was 193: 0xc1

I had they try to do a restore but when they try it tells them they need to reboot first.  And if they go back and try it again it just tells them the same thing.

I tried to get them to use msconfig and do a selective startup but even if they are logged on as administrator it tells them they can save it they need administrator privileges.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
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What Anti-Virus is installed on those laptops?
Reading today that McAfee messed up something in a recent update??
Take your focus on the dependend service wich will not start.
Try to start that one.
Tell us the errors from that service
Have a look at
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
I have had one of the salesmen disable McAfee and see if he can get the computer to boot with the services running.  I am currently waiting to hear back if that resolved anything.

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qvfpsAuthor Commented:
Just heard back.  It made no difference.  He is overnighting it so I can work on it directly
Had this issue on about 15 workstations yesterday pm.  If you check the size of svchost.exe in System32 folder you may see that it has a size of 0 bytes. I solved the issue by downloading and running the latest xdat from the McAfee website, then copied a version of svchost.exe from an unaffected machine into the system32 folder and rebooted. All services started normally.

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qvfpsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the post.  I am expecting one of the laptops shortly so I can try it myself and I am having one of the other effected users trying it himself.  
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
I dont have the error message from scan disk.   I am critiaclly short on disk space on this server and and I deleted the application log to try and make it until this weekend.  Over the weekend I am planning on backing up the server, defragging the drive, running scandisk and hopefully finding no errors.  So I can proceed with trying to expand the boot partition.

Right now I ran diskpart  >  list disk and the status as listed as error.  I didnt want to proceed while the status was listed as error.
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
Please excuse the last post.  I have two open questions and I had both open in separte tabs.
If it is indeed a McAfee issue:

1. From a machine that has Internet access, locate and download the Recovery SuperDAT at and save it to portable media.
2. Take the portable media to the affected machine and run the tool. If you are not able to run the tool on the affected machine, boot in safe mode
3. Execute the Recovery SuperDAT tool
4. Reboot in normal mode
5. Use the product update to the latest dat.

McAfee's official KB article on this is avaialable at

After running the recovery steps above, the services ahould be able to be started sucessfully and then started automatically on reboot.

If it stilll fails copy svchost from a machine on the same windows version and overwrite.
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
I received one of the laptops yesterday and it was DOA.   The motherboard failed durring shipping.  I am still waiting to hear back on the other one.

Thanks for the posts.
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
It wast the McAfee issue.  after running the newest xdat and restoring svchost worked and the PC laptop is up and running.

Thanks for the posts
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