Converting video format with Axis Cameras

I've got a number of Axis camera's at my location and all of them work with no problem. I am able to view the live feed and also view older videos via a web browser.

One of things that was requested from my higher ups was the ability to play the video's in something like windows media player (or equivilant). The problem comes in where the video's that are saved have a file extension of .acsi and .acsm.

It would appear that these two file types belong together because there are 1 of each per recording (same name but the file extension is different) The .acsi files range in size from 150k-170k. The .acsm files are larger and every single one of them is exactly 100Mb.

So this is where my main question comes in. Is there anyway to convert these files to something readable by any standard video player (Windows media, DivX, AVI)? Or is there any codec that I can download to allow other players the ability to play these file formats?

All help is appreciated, thanks in advanced.
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Steve JenningsSr Manager Cloud Networking OpsCommented:
Hmmm. . . .those file extensions are Adobe Digital file extensions. There may be converters out there for that, though I doubt it. Google "acsm file converter" and see what you come up with.

All of my axis cameras send either mpeg or jpeg. Do you have the option to change the delivery format for the cameras?

Good luck,

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I'm axis support can give your their codec.
There is a lot conversion software out there......
You can begin with
If you would have CCTV PCI card, then this encoder should be able to detect and stream out as .WMV format in real time.
One of the top of the line converters is and there is many other.
Fusion-TechnologyAuthor Commented:
I actually tried googling this many times and spent alot of my time trying to find a video converter for these file types prior to posting my question. I was unable to come up with anything.

I did however play around with my Axis software and did find the export tool so I was able to convert the files using the Axis software to .asf. Thanks Steve for pointing me in the right direction on this one.

Also, in case anyone else wants to know how I did this just follow the steps below:

Exporting video from the security cameras

You must have the Axis Camera Station Client Installed

1.) Open the Axis Client
2.) Connect to server (
3.) Click on "Navigate to recordings" (Icon is a video reel)
4.) Enter the date range of what you are looking for
5.) Select the cameras that you want to expot
6.) Click on "export selected recordings" (icon is a smaller video reel)
7.) Save the file
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