Blackberry Enterprise Server users cannot send or receive

Ok, not very well versed with BES, kinda shooting in the dark here, any help would be appreciated.
Here's the situation

Currently have BES (ver. 4.1.7) running on SBS 2003
Today I was contacted by a client, he can no longer 'send/receive' his email
Took a look into the BES console, last contact with any client phones was around 12PM yesterday (about 24 hours prior to initial complaint)
I really have no idea what is going on here, from what I can see BES is running as it should

Looking for the log files right now (didn't set up this BES and they're not in the default location)

Thanks in advance
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If all the users are affected, try restarting the BES.
Check for MAGT Logs under Blackberry Folder.
Check the Connectivity with Exchange Server, Sql Database.

Restart the Blackberry Router service - it normally resolves those issues. Also I would recommend purchasing a secondary box to run your BES on - it doesn't like running on Domain Controllers.
If you are running BES on a DC did you follow installation procedure for that type?

Check and make sure the user BESAdmin has not lost send as permission.

Review the article below from Blackberry and confirm your setup.
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

itnorthserviceAuthor Commented:
Still having this problem
Heres what I've done so far
Restarted BES
Manually stopped and restarted all BES services
Rebooted server as of last night

Found something interesting in the logs though

[30000] (04/21 20:45:47.167):{0x170C} [Alarm::ActivateAlarm] Queuing alarm: <N/A> | BlackBerry Dispatcher WLCOFJSBS001 (Application Event Log on WLCOFJSBS001) | 04/21/2010 20:45:45  (6FFFC3B1) -> [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection dropped, Error=0
[30000] (04/21 20:45:47.167):{0xAE8} Alarm::ThreadProc: Received an alarm message

It shows several lines of this message followed by an entire day of

[30000] (04/21 20:46:14.703):{0x170C} EventLog::ThreadProc: Received notification, processing...

Clearly is the dispatcher causing the problem, but why?
Sorry hit post before I was done.

Please ensure that the SRP ID and Auth key from this BES is not being used on any other server as this will cause a SRP ID lockout. Other issues are:

1. Network Issues (NIC or Firewall)
2. Another application is using is using port 4101 which is the default port used by the BlackBerry Router for the serial bypass functionality.
3. The SRP Identifier attempts to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure five times within one minute casing the SRP Identifier to be disabled on the BlackBerry.

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itnorthserviceAuthor Commented:
Ok, so this got cleared up this morning, EpicError gets the solution.

I have some serious problems with RIM however.
After receiving help here my problem was not resolved (however, I greatly appreciated the everyones help)
I decided to contact RIM instead of trying to fix this myself
After a lot of *ho*'s and *hum*'s, and attempting to resolve the issue with methods mentioned above, my support rep decides to download the logs
I promptly assumed my position on hold with RIM, at this point I decided to refresh the Blackberry manager, to my suprise three of the five client phones had just contacted the server. EXCELLENT!!!
While waiting on hold I was working out how I would thank the young man helping me out, I was in his debt... until I learned he DID NOT do anything...

Mother$#@$er gets back on the phone and lets me know, "I haven't found the issue, but I can see that two of the phones are not in a service area", I was already aware of this, and it had been mentioned several times by this point... thanks tips

So in summation, my BES decided to stop working, could not correct the problem myself (with some ambitous help from EE), I waste 3.5 hours on the phone with RIM support, and without any intervention from their helpdesk, BES fixes itself....

I am really dissapointed with BES all around, this is not how I expect profesionally produced software to function, and the support contacts are clearly not up to par with their knowledge base.

Thanks for the help all
itnorthserviceAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to update with some new information. I feel quite the fool now that this has come to light, and I retract (most) of my statements about RIM and BES

Seems the issue was to do with my clients service provider changing there plan mid-month. I received an email about the plan changes this afternoon, times seem to coincide with the problem.

So now I'm angry at Bell for wasting a total 6.5 hours of my time with a problem that should not have existed in the first place

Again, thank you all for the help, I'm sure if this was not due to an ISP screwup I would have found the answer here =D
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