SAP GUI idle time out issue

We have a specific user that after 10 minutes of inactivity, her SAP GUI connection drops.  No other user has this happen.  People right beside her stay up but she will drop even if they are inactive too.

I investigated DNS issues without any problem found.
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gnurlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

with local system I mean something with her local PC.... (local firewall settings etc.)

Hm, this is strange... did you check the SAP system? Are there messages in transaction SM12 regarding to the time she got "was" logged out?
Please check parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout as well (but this should logout all users after the timeout, not only one)

Please keep in mind, that newer switches etc. can handle connected ips separately (Thats not my speciality, but there could be a timeout only for her connection on the switch, thats what I mean.)

Best regards
Hi  07BlueGL1800,
what do you mean with SAP GUI connection drops?
Crashes the SAP Gui?
Which error messages appear?

Is there a dump in SAP (transaction st22, sm12 ...)?
10 minutes (600 sec) is a default timeout for a gui transaction (sap parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time) which you can change online in transaction rz11, but this only occures if she has started a job in online mode in sap and the timeout is reached, this normally does not end the SAPGui...

I think this is a timeout in router, switch, firewall or local system ... please check this, too.

Best regards
07BlueGL1800Author Commented:
Thanks for the response.
SAPGUI does not crash.  Her session disconnects just as though she logged out.
No errors.
No dump.
600 seconds is only with her.  No other user has this issue and they all have the same exact load from a package.  She does not have a custom install.
It can not be the router, switch or firewall because people right beside her are fine.
What do you mean by "local system"?
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07BlueGL1800Author Commented:
That you gnurl.  I am not an SAP guy but have forwarded your thoughts to the SAP support team.  I will be back once I hear back with an update or to award points.
07BlueGL1800Author Commented:
Thanks gnurl, the support team decided to reimage her computer.  It appears to be a local issue because reimaging her makes it work again for a while.
07BlueGL1800Author Commented:
My thanks for gnurl's willingness to work through this with me.
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