HP Laserjet 2035N Load Paper Message

I have a winxp machine with an HP Laserjet 2035n (attached via usb). When trying to print a specific Visual Foxpro report out of an accounting application, we get a Load Paper message on tray 1 and the button has to be pushed to release the print job, Even when the printer selection is specifically pointing to Tray 2. Printer prints fine automatically from properties page and all other applications, and this report comes out automatically on other workstations on the lan without this issue using the same shortcut to the client application on the server. Have double checked all driver settings, and all seem fine. Is there something I can do to get around this issue ??
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AylwardConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Checked the report.. its not that. plugged that printer into another machine and got same result. tried the A4 solution, no dice..

Plugged another model laserjet in both of these machines and it worked fine. I realized the customer didnt have a single model that matched another in the shop and started cross testing printers and machines... Seems to be something with this report that messes with this printer, im guessing some control character messing with it's driver or something..that other hp laserjet printers do not have same problem with. Dont know what else to try here at this point, other then a different model printer..
Check your paper size settings on each tray, it's probably set to letter by default, change it to A4. You can change this on the printers driver settings.
you can try to update the printer driver
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AndrewJenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suspect that you have saved a paper setting in the report.

Use VFP to modify the report Page Setup Paper Size setting to use the same paper that is in the printer.

hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
gododge is correct: check the paper size settings for every tray. And, also check the paper type settings. They must all match what the printer thinks is in them.

Type the printer's IP address into your browser and check the printer settings. Compare them with the driver settings.
AylwardAuthor Commented:
@ gododge and HdHondt:  I need letter size coming out, but I will try that and see if it helps here.. like I said..same report out of other machines comes out without having to tweak this. (All others have letter set on their trays for this). That also seems to rule out AndrewJen's possible solution. (thanks though). Updated the print drivers first thing. Then tried alternate drivers, then tried PS and PCL... no driver changes make a difference it seems. (its back to newest driver now and standard settings).
I have experienced this before and resubmit that you check the report designer Page Setup and ensure that it is selecting the same paper as that in the tray.
I had this today when I changed to HP Universal print driver settings.  Even though it showed Unspecified in tray type under printer --> properties --> default settings it was asking for cardstock.  I had to get in to printing preferences, printing shortcuts and hit the Reset button.  Close application, reopen, and it worked.  Weird.
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