Best option for my need, dedicated servers ?

Right know I'm into the mobile business and we are making some applications. The programmer team leader (hired by me in GAF)  in charge of building this app is asking me this for hosting. Now The application will have around 20.000 users or maybe more. App will serve currency, weather info and ads. So my questions are:

 Will I need a dedicated server, virtual dedicated server, or simple shared hosting with the below requirements? wich will be the best option for me?

In any case, wich hosting do you recommend, any site in particular? I need one that is cheap and follows my needs.

Some of the requirements I don't understand, I mark them with parenthesis.

You will require a hosting with this specification. These are primary requirements
1. unlimited bandwidth
2. latest mysql server
3. php 5 or later
4. shell access in the server
(Why would he need shell access, what is the function of this?)

5. i think you will get unlimited space too at small cost
6. ability to run cron jobs in the server

( what are cron jobs and for what will he need them?)

Thank you for answering this question. I'm just becoming a new user of this webpage.
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Gregor LambertIT Manager / Systems EngineerCommented:
Hi Dancival,

There are many dif hosts out there regarding the hosting you'll have to do you home work around them and what they can offer
a popular host in Australia is
hosting plans and bandwidth will vary with the dif companys

As for the solutions for your hosting platform Linux enterprise would be the best option and what the developers are requesting from what you have provided.

As for the server platform you could go for a dedicated server or virtual dedicated server I would recomend the virtual deticated server as you could run several servers from it for load balancing to get a better idea check out VMware ESX or now know as vSphere 4

A server installation of Redhat Enterprise Linux would provide the required mysql and php and shell access just means that they will be able to remote connect to the server via SSH software ie, Putty to perform tasks like updates and software installations on the remote server

The option for cron jobs is a scripting platform that they can use to automate tasks like backups and mysql database dumps and is a standard part of the Linux OS installation

many new servers are designed around the virtual enviroment to cut hardware costs and power consumption

I hope I have been able to give you a clearer understanding

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if your application would have to support 20,000 users,I would definitely go for the dedicated server,which means that you have the server only for yourself.If you are building an application that is even slightly more complex, you will come across the need to adjust some settings that  are server-level only, so you will need to have access to it.
With virtual dedicated servers,there are multiple "virtual" servers on one physical server. As this technology is pretty much a new one, you will be better off with a dedicated physical server. Also, there is a performance issues of multiple virtual servers are on one server.....
     Shell access to the server is a remote access to the linux command line. While you can pretty much develop the application on your computer and just FTP-upload it to the remote server, you can do a lot more with shell access,and surely complex applications requires it. You can connect to remote server by using secure protocol called SSH,using a windows client like SSH Secure Shell.
   About CRON jobs, they are scripts that are executed according to the schedule,and are VERY useful in everything that you do.

dancivalAuthor Commented:
Ok, supposing I buy virtual dedicated server, as I'm starting application and we still do not have earnings, wich dedicated server wich you recommend that has all this specifications? As I think it would be good to have everything the team needs, and some servers don't have cron jobs or shell access right?

Gregor LambertIT Manager / Systems EngineerCommented:
you would just need to advise the host of your requirements being Linux OS with SSH access and cron jobs and so on and see what they have to meet your requirements that would be the best place to start
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