IBM Cognos 8.4 & Mysql functions used on mysql data sources (soon to be 8.4.1) environment

We are using mysql data source and want to use mysql functions in cognos report studio and frame work manager but can find no info about this. Can someone suggest if there is any msql function libraries that can be loaded to cognos or does one use generic functions . Perhaps you could suggest how to load them to cognos . Thanks for your time.

If mysql is not a good choice for use with cognos then please call this out we dont want to spin wheels.
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I checked Cognos supported software environment, and can not find MySQL.
So you can use Cognos provided function, can not use vendor specific functions for mysql.
toddandrew1Author Commented:
I really did not get alot from the answere but I beleive it is the topic that is the problem not the answerer.

I apprecaite the help
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