Replication on local - none of the selected database have a replica on server


Before this i have already replicate my Lotus Notes email on Local..But something happen and i lost the replication. Now i want to replicate it back and this message appear

'none of the selected database have a replica on server'

and i cannot replicate the email on local

any solution or mistake i have done?..

Btw..i use domino 8.5
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Maybe somone made a new copy of your mail file database thereby changing the replica ID.
As SJEF suggests find local replcia ID and compare to server database or use catalog.nsf (if catalog is enabled) to maybe find if database is on a different server.
Simply create new replica:

    Right click on db on Workspace (or open db and select File ) > Replication > New Replica
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
1) did you replicate with the server you obtained the replica from, or with a different server?
2) can you find the original database on the server?
3) can you compare the replica-IDs of both databases (in the Database Properties box)?
term1nat0rAuthor Commented:
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