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I have already setup OCS 2007 R2 on my network and I can sign in to it successfully. but when I am going to sing in from manual configuration and point it to OCS 2007 R2 server or access edge server it says there was a problem verifying a  certificate, Please contact administrator. but if my DNS correct and if I used automatic configuration it is logging successfully. how I can sorted it out ?
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alokadayAuthor Commented:
I got the solution for the matter. It was the installed CA of the OCS 2007 R2 was corrupted due to when I am installing CA before it installed Certificate web enrolment web page has not been corrected. Thanks.
Std Edition or Enterprise pool?

Curious as to why you want to manually sign in? If you want to test external, you can always hop on a guest network or tether your mobile.  I would not test an external conneciton with an internal IP, been bit too many times :)

If you used the cert wiz, then you should have no issues... the SN=pool, the SANs would be 1- fqdn of the pool or std edition, 2- sip.yoursipdomain.com, 3- FQDN of the FE server (if EE pool).

Make sure you are not trying to maual config with the IP as that will not work for TLS, that only works for TCP.

Your SRV (_siptinternaltls._tcp.sipdomain.com) record should point to the A record (sip.yoursipdomain.com) which the A record points to the IP address of the pool/std edition.

Your edge server is not listed in the pool cert at all, so that will not work well.  Externally you lookup the SRV in external dns like you do internally or it tries sip.sipdomain.com which all resolves to the edge, but the edge simply passes it on to the next internal hop being the director or pool.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
if you have STD edition point it to eh server name.
I believe that you have ENT edition and you point to the server name, if you have STD then point it to the pool FQDN
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