Need workaround to write to C Drive Root with UAC on

Hi All,

My customer has numerous .NET applications deployed across numberous client machines in their enterprise. The .NET applications are all written internally by their development team and they all have a common design flaw: all applications write and read files from the C:\ root. Now their applications have been working for many years, and as you can imagine when Vista came out and UAC was introduced, they immediately ran into security issues. The same issue happens with Windows 7 clients, and their apps run fine if they turn off UAC.

My question is:
My customer wants to know the lowest effort workaround for solving this problem in their enterprise without having to disable UAC and increase security risks. They know that they can change their applications to read and write files to other directories which aren't blocked by UAC, but this would mean re-writing and re-deploying MANY applications. Changing the source code of all their legacy applicatoins is the an extremely large job and would like to consider that as a last resort. Is there a way to allow writing to the C:\ root with UAC on?
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Robert PraschCommented:
I do not know of a way to have this access work, besides enabling run as administrator in the compatibility tab of the application properties. Instead of rewriting the code to access a different directory have you thought about giving the application inherent access privileges to automatically give the application administrative permissions?

Below is a link to the code that may be used, depending on what programming language is used, I believe their should be a way to embed code into the application to elevate permissions.

DangerizAuthor Commented:
After exploring many possibilities, it seems that I cannot "configure" UAC as we want to. Going the manifest file route may be the only way. I'll be trying that soon. I'll keep you posted.
DangerizAuthor Commented:
The only way that an application can write to the C:\ root when UAC is on, is to make your application UAC "aware" so it can request for elevated permissions. This is done by modifiying it's manifest file.
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