BES 5.0 Login Fails - JBoss Shutdown Hook in logs

Hey experts,
I have a new BES 5.0 install on a server2008 x64 machine. And is liking up with a Exchange 2007.
The install went perfect and was done according to BlackBerry requirements.  I have installed a dozen or so 5.0 in the past week and not received this problem.

What happens is when i try to login to the administration it says bad username, password or domain.  I am 100% without a doubt that i am using the correct password.  
I did some looking in the logs and have attached a section of one but i see the JBoss Shutdown Hook constantly in the BBAS-AS_01 log file and did a little looking and believe this is related.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated aside from calling BB.
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tsukrawAuthor Commented:
Foudn the issue on the AD.  Needed to change the encryption type.
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
Ops forgot to attach the log.
Just curious, are you using an AD account (such as besadmin) to log into the BAS? Also, is the server a base BES 5.0 installation without any updates? There is a known issue with BES 5.0 prior to MR2 that has issues with digesting AD credentials. My suggestion is to install BES 5.0 SP1 then the latest MR after that (I think MR3?). At a minimum, go to 5.0 MR2. If the updates are needed, perform the installation then post back. You can check what ver you're running under add/remove programs.

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