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What is the best way to create signatures and what is the best image type to use for colour and pictures etc? jpg,bmp etc? Is there any guidelines to view as in the past I have experienced where some corporate anti-spam gateways block email because of the content of a signature. and active X content etc.
Has anyone any tools (free or pay for) that are good for creating signatures?
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Jpg picture will be the best format to use.

Refer this for Creating Signature:

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The best image type depends on what the image is of.  If it's a photograph or has shades of color, then you'll want a jpg.  If it's just a few colors like a logo, then gif may be best.  That being said, I'd keep your signature as text only.  Most e-mail programs now won't show images by default.  Personally, I find it annoying to see a "do you want to show images" message when the only image is in the signature.  I'd keep it something simple like below:

John Doe | Account Manager | 555-555-5555 | Fax: 555-555-5556 |
One more thing... having graphics may increase the chance that your e-mail gets flagged as spam and may make it harder to read on mobile phones.
The picture format varies on content as quizwedge mentioned, but it's advised to use either jpg or gif extensions and to stay away from bmp or png.

Regarding being flagged as spam, this totally depends on the filter settings on the client, some people would set their spam filter to higher settings that would flag any message with pictures as spam, while some other filters would flag emails with certain words in the body, while others rely on third party or AV software so you can't fully control this from your side only but stay away from embedding anything other than just plain images, also having the picture embedded as attachment sometimes bypass spam filters that would flag messages with picture links.

There are two ways of adding a picture to a signature, either by uploading it to a sever and adding a link to it online in your signature html block, which is best to reduce the size of email you're sending especially when you want to add a large picture, but the only disadvantage of this method is that nowadays most users won't see your picture unless they choose to download pictures when they open the message or by adding you to their trusted senders list.

Alternatively you can embed the picture by opening it in an internet explorer window and pasting it inside the signature editor which will make the picture as a self attachment to the email and would be loaded without showing the "download pictures" bar.

there are many signature editors, email picture signatures available online but they would probably create your text as images and give you a code that links to your signature generated file on their server.

In my personal opeinion, the best way to create a signature is by creating it externally in a stand alone html file with inline styles then place this file in your signatures folder, usually "C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures" then selecting the file and editing the content or pasting the image in the desired location as stated above.
SteveSextAuthor Commented:
Found a 3rd party tool
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