AS3 - How do I swap depths using setChildIndex() actionscript on a dynamic menu

I have a basic flash image carousel that displays a maximum of 3 images at a time, with the central image being highlighted (the image size and alpha of the other two are lower).
My problem is that I'm unable to display the central image above the other two at all times (ie. at the highest depth).

I know setChildIndex may be a potential solution, but after much banging of head against wall have been unable to get anywhere with it.  

Please see code below, thanks!
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rasoodockAuthor Commented:
Can you abit more specific on where to look for on your problem or perhaps upload an example that we can compile???  Not many people want to browser through 300+ lines looking for clue on what you are asking???  

rasoodockAuthor Commented:
Hi CyanBlue,

Managed to find a solution for it, thank you.

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