Delphi TOracleDataset Comparing

How can I compare two delphi datasets for equality and show the differences as well?

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It really depends on your goal.  If you just want a simple test, that is fast, to show if there are differences the first test I run is to determine if the recordcount is the same or not.

If you need more than this I would next determine which ID's are in one that are not in the other and vice versa (assuming there is a unique ID field for each record).

The final step would be to do a field by field comparison on equal IDs to see if they are different.

Without knowing what you are trying to accomplish... without understanding your project goals... I can only offer these vague suggestions.  If you want to give us more on what you are trying to accomplish then I may be able to be more help.
Not sure what you mean...
What exactly are you trying to do ?
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