My IBM x3650 server RAID 5 retrive data.

My IBM x3650 server windows 2003 OS crashed. But I need to retrieve the data from the E and F drives in the server. How can I do it.We are using RAID 5 for the hard disks.
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SupportonthespotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just purchased from this company a few weeks ago and its nice when a product does EXACTLY what it says on the tin

It will even recover data from RAID 5 Drives and unmountable drives, SD Cards and the like. the best £50 i ever spent
YOu have to first determine if the problem is because the RAID array is offline, or corrupted, or the problem is file  system corruption.   So is the RAID online, and all the disks online?   What was the chain of events that led up to the situation?
restore the OS (c:) from backup.  Check if your RAID is OK first.  If you don't have a backup, reformat C: partition and re-install OS.  Assuming E and F are separate partitions, they will become visible once the OS is re-installed
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If the RAID is healthy, take it out of the equation. Deal with this as if you had a single E and F hard drive.  Conversely, if the RAID is sick, repair it if you can, or rebuild from scratch and restore.   After RAID is healthy, tackle the filesystem problem.

If your raid is fine but os is buggered you can run linux live cd. Grab all data you need then restore your server or format the hard drives.

You can also restore from a backup to get your data. If you have one....
jobby1Author Commented:
The problem is beuase of the windows OS corruption. RADI is fine. Can i retrive the data after booting with  linux live CD.
The linux live CD doesn't have a decent NTFS recovery tool.   Download something like's NTFS reconstructor software.  It will rebuild even the most damaged of NTFS file systems.  The software costs around $100, and it is free to try to confirm what it can recover. You pay and they let you save the data.    Now, if E & F are not all messed up, then use the live CD, and you will be able to copy E & F, and then save it to a unix format, or just create a NFS mount on the machine, or make it available with SAMBA
tking156Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If the data is small enough, you could boot to knoppix and then dd the partiitioin into a file on say a USB device or accross the network. You could later read this file back, or even open/mount it like an ISO.

Splitting it into 2gb chunks to another disk (usb)
backup  use -    dd if=/dev/hda1 | gzip -c | split -b 2000m - /mnt/hdc1/backup.img.gz.
Restore use -    cat /mnt/hdc1/backup.img.gz.* | gzip -dc | dd of=/dev/hda1

Sending it to a file on the network. compressed
backup use -     dd if=/dev/vgdata/apsayul11401-c | gzip -c | ssh myuser@ "split -b 2000m - /home/shared/servername-e.img.gz."
Restore use -    cat /home/shared/servername-e.img.gz.* | gzip -dc | ssh myuser@ "dd of=/dev/hda1"

The /dev/hda1 is the partition you are dealing with, not the disk (hda). Adjust to meet your requirements.

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