Problem with crystal Reports and Windows 7

I just purchased a new system that has windows 7 home premium as the OS. I installed VS 2005 and everything works  great except forms that call crystal reports. They crash hard.

Any help would be appreciated, this is the 1st venture outside of XP pro
thank you
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Crystal isn't supported yet on Windows 7.

I think the issue here is you are trying to install the viewer through application and don't have sufficient permissions.  You need to run the application with administrative rights.  Windows 7 doesn't do that by default even for an administrative user.


Do you have more information about the crash??

stephenz43Author Commented:
The app iitself does not crash, only the report..

"An error has occured attempting to load Crystal Reports runtime.
Either the Crystal Reports registery key permissions are insufficient or the Crystal Reporrt runtime is not installed"
stephenz43Author Commented:
aslo, set the i86 for 32 bit compliation. Crystal Reports at 2005 and 2008 basic levels shipped with VS are 32 bit .

Thanks for the lead and help
stephenz43Author Commented:
ok, I wasnt all that clear.
I had a vs2005 app that has worked great under XP pro for a few years. I decided to get a new system and ended up with something with the Windows 7 O/S . I had problems wether I was running as the Administrator and a user with admin rights. So.....
With the help of mimcc , I stumbled across the solution. The Admin right are a must , however one must compile to the specific CPU. As installed VS 2005 defaults to "any cpu", change that to x86 and everything worked perfect.
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