I need help with PTR record

I have two domains configured on a windows 2003 server and I have email running for both.
I can receive email on both domains with no problem. However I can't send email to any users with a comcast email. I have read that it is due to reverse dns.  I have gone to http://centralops.net/co/ and checked my address it says I have a ptr record of mail.stalsmanna.com.
stalsmanna.com is one of the domains I have configured but I can't find the prt record.
Where is the PTR record and how do I configure it so that both domains can send email to comcast email accounts.
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the PTR record or Reverse DNS is configured with your ISP. Call them and have them setup a PTR record to match the mail servers A record and IP address. Hope this helps!
Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System AdministratorCommented:
You can contact your ISP were you have registered your domain.
And ask them to configure the PTR record of domain in ISP with your static IP.

Best of Luck


Firstly run the NS lookup command on server then check the status.If the status is server unknown.Then download netdiag & dcdiag on windows server then run both tools & check the report.Let me know the report.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
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whiwexAuthor Commented:
Where is the mail servers A record? Should I contact my isp or godaddy where my name is registered>
whiwexAuthor Commented:
On the server
nslookup returns
Server: time.consolidated.net (this is my isp)
address: (this is their dns)
Non-authoritative answer:
Name: nslookup.ctcg.online.server.com (this is my server)
address: (this is go daddy where I registered the domain name)

nslookup stalsmanna.com returns
Server: stalsmanna.com.ctcg.online.server.com
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds
**** Request to stalsmanna.com timed-out

On a pc on my network
nslookup returns
Server: Unknow
*** Unknown can't find nslookup: Non-existent domain

nslookup stalsmanna.com returns
Server: stalsmanna.com
Address: (this is my IP address)
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds
**** Request to stalsmanna.com timed-out


whiwexAuthor Commented:
When I run netdiag I get The procedure entry point DNsGetPrimaryDomainName_UTF8could ot be located in the dynamic link library DNSAPI.dll
whiwexAuthor Commented:
When running dcdiag only errors are
Starting test connectivity
**** Warning could not confirm the identity of this server in the directory versus the names returned by DNS servers. If there are problems acessing this directory server then you may need to check this server is correctly registered with DNS............... passed test connectivity
Starting test services
RPCLOCATOR Service is stopped
TrkWks Service is stopped
TrkSvr Service is stopped

Everything else passed.
You are blacklisted - mxtoolbox.com --> blacklists -->

Get off barracuda blacklist once you have identified any comprimised workstations / server and then you will probably be ok.

a lesser problem is your EHLO greeting and PTR do not match.

You must make sure what you use for your EHLO matches your PTR record. In your case it does not.

EHLO - ctcg1.ctcg.online.server.com
PTR - mail.stalsmanna.com

Change one or the other so they are the same.

See here for where to change EHLO on the SMTP virtual server: http://www.amset.info/exchange/dnsconfig.asp


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