Server 2008 Core driver question

Is it possible to force the installation of a driver for a specific piece of hardware in Server 2008 Core? (I have a Linksys GE1032/Realtek 8169 network card that I need to force the realtek drivers on to get it to work as ive done before in windows 2008.) The card wont grab the software by itself... anyway to give it some help?
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure can.

Copy the drivers locally (say, C:\Drivers\Nic) - make sure they are extracted.
CD into this new folder.
Run the following command:  pnputil -i -a *.inf

If their is only one INF for the driver, then replace *.inf with the actual filename with extension.

Let us know.
Umm....old or not, the answer provided was the answer you asked for.

bsheeptechAuthor Commented:
The person who opened this question is not here so I do not know if any of these solutions worked.  What should I do?
Request assistance and we'll let one of the Mods decide what would be fair.  

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