SAS Query duplicate records

I am running simple SAS query with inner join. I am getting duplicate records. I don't know why?
any help please.
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Aloysius LowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no it shouldn't matter.

i'm not doubting when you said staff_id is unique, but have you checked for all tables, that if there are 10 records, for example, you can see 10 different staff_id, and not less?

given that this is a key field, there should be no blanks, but have you confirmed there are no blanks?

try running queries for the 3 tables individually on staff id to get a count of each staff id, group by staff id, sort by count descending
Aloysius LowCommented:
are the values in the field or combination of fields you are using for the join unique? do they contain blanks?
premkripalaniAuthor Commented:
the join is on staff_Id. which is unique value. however, there are two tables. table 1 staff_id has 12 char and table 2 staff_if has 10 char. actual staff id is only 8 char. and the output query has 12 char.
does it matters?
premkripalaniAuthor Commented:
all good,
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