time service in group policy

hi, hi have 2 dc with server 2008 and i want to apply to all my xp workstation a group policy that will set their clock to the dc ,(i mean that one dc will be the authoritative time server for workstation )
how to i do that?
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PACSAdminICT Operations ManagerCommented:
This should start you off in the right direction

ywainbergAuthor Commented:
where do i find this setting inside the gpo?
ywainbergAuthor Commented:
can you explain the steps to do that?and i need also that my dc will replicate the time between them
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ywainbergAuthor Commented:
what should be the configuration of ntp server parameter in the dc that is not  the pdc?
PACSAdminICT Operations ManagerCommented:
I am going to go off track here and see if this is a solution that may interest you. It does not use group policy and works fine in our environment. We have the DC that holds the PDC Emulator FSMO role pointing to an external time server as per.


(Your 2008 DC's should be sharing the FSMO roles)

For the other DC's, Servers, Workstations etc we configured  the W32Time service to use its default settings by doing the following

- Stop the w32time service
- Running "w32tm /unregister && w32tm /register/"at the command prompt (without quotes)
- Starting the w32time service

Your other DC will get its time from the PDC emulator and your workstations from the DC that authenticated them.

All Servers and workstations should now be in perfect sinc without the need for group policy

ywainbergAuthor Commented:
if i understand you correct ,after i configured my pdc with external ntp to set it as authoritative for the domain ,i  should to the following commands on the dc that is not the pdc:
- Stop the w32time service
- Running "w32tm /unregister && w32tm /register/"at the command prompt (without quotes)
- Starting the w32time service
and then they will have synchronize time between then ,and any workstation that will authenticate to the domain using that 2 dc will be clock synchronized without any additional configuration?
PACSAdminICT Operations ManagerCommented:
When you say pdc it sounds like you are referring to Primary Domain Controller. I am refering to PDC as PDC Emulator which is one of the 5 FSMO Roles your Active Directory Domain Controllers are holding. This will be either the first domain controller you setup in the domain or if you have setup as per best practice these roles will be shared between the 2 DC in your site. The DC that holds the PDC Emulator role acts as the authoritive time server and it should be getting its time from an external source
ywainbergAuthor Commented:
when we say pdc we referring to the same thing :pdc amulator
i asked about the second domain controller
PACSAdminICT Operations ManagerCommented:
Once you set the time settings to default on the other DC  it will get its time from the DC with the PDC Emulator FSMO Role as will the workstations. You can confirm this by running the "net time" command from the command prompt which will return the following

Current Time at \\ pdc emulator is xx/xx/xxxx x:xx:xx where x is the date and time

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