How to setup subnets with a MD3000i on a SBS network

Hi All,
When setting up an MD3000i with subnets on a SBS2003 is it just setting up within the MDSM or do you have to setup routing on the SBS, if so where should I start?

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If you want your SBS2003 server to have access the virtual disks than yes the NIC(s) on the SBS2003 will have to be reconfigured.
Could you give a bit more info on what you are trying to accomplish?
Also equip?Switches ,vlans,routers,etc?
Cris HannaCommented:
You already have a subnet setup for SBS you have one or two nics in the server?
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WayneDickersonAuthor Commented:
What I am trying to understand is how to setup the MD3000i with subnets to talk to the ESX 4.0 server via ISCSI. The SBS will be a virtual machine in the near future but currently running on separate hardare.
The recomendation is to run the MD3000i on 2 separate subnets.
for example
connecting to the ESX server with a VMkernel-ISCSI and
best shown here

Current situation
The MD3000i has multiple Virtual disks some of which are currently directly attached to the SBS via ISCSI. The MD3000i at the moment is setup on the same subnet as the SBS the four nics,,,

I am wondering if i would need to change anything on the SBS if I change the subnet on the MD3000i to the settings shown in the example above.

hope that makes sense.

WayneDickersonAuthor Commented:
Any tips on where to start?
WayneDickersonAuthor Commented:
question was answered- followup reading filled in the rest
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