Deploying Windows 7 OEM to multiple computers

If I deploy Windows 7 OEM to multiple computers will it only allow me to sysprep it 3 times?

Need to regenerate the machine SID for wsus and symantec, and it seems that NewSID is dead.

If anyone knows of another way around this or a tool to use, I'd be interested to look into it.
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You should create install Windows and sysprep them, and then - create an image. When you deploy computers you will have to supply credentials for every computer and sid's will be different.
timestreamAuthor Commented:
uh, maybe i missed something but that didn't really answer what i was asking.
Why do you have to sysprep computer for more than 3 times?
What is your process of deploying Windows 7?
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

If all the computers are the same using the same oem number, then just image one with Acronis or similar and restore image to others.
Undocumented but to change the sid, leave your image at workgroup default and when you assign
the pc to user and workgroup for your company, it will change the sid.
Good luck
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>If I deploy Windows 7 OEM to multiple computers will it only allow me to sysprep it 3 times?

Yes - though I think you mean "can I syprep a source machine - and deploy three copies" - which you still can do yes!

>>Need to regenerate the machine SID for wsus and symantec, and it seems that NewSID is dead.

Yep - Newsid is dead the age of duplicate SID breaking things is over - two machines can exist in a modern domain with the same SID - the computername needs to be unique though

>>If anyone knows of another way around this or a tool to use, I'd be interested to look into it.

sysprep for Win7 is fine

you will need the 3 x OEM chassis codes from the target machines and you will need to activate each one - unless you create an answer file for each one with the correct code and set it to auto activate - see my website here (ignore the WDS bit)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
timestreamAuthor Commented:
Yes, I guess I wasn't clear enough.  I'm just asking if the image I create - oem image - will break if I sysprep it using the same key more than 3 times.
3 is the limit before reloading unless you use the work around

To elaborate on my earlier post, I used an image to set up a pc and the sid change described above does not work. I did change the sid using the method below. 
timestreamAuthor Commented:
With the rearm method, don't you have to reactivate every 30 or 120 days?

Does the below method work for Win7? A couple of posts in that topic are saying the OS didn't boot up.
Bypassing the rearm takes the rearm option away from the deployed image, it needs to be activated.
Still too new to have much action on some of these but remember, it's still windows.
Love to hear how you do. Also, using the oem key in similar hardware should do it for you but not sure if they changed it in win7.
I would still make an Acronis image to reload if you needed it.
timestreamAuthor Commented:
Just trying to make sure I've got everything clear. I have my win7 oem image than I've run sysprep on with the generalize function, which resets the SID.  If I use this same image on multiple machines with it kill itself after the 4th machine?  Can it tell once I deploy it to the second machine that it has been activated two times?
You can deploy as many syspreped images of Windows 7 as you want, but you have to activate each computer manualy with its OEM license key - or else you will break oem license

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By removing the rearm option you're not limited.
If you're not deploying over a server you'll not have any issues.
The oem licence does not need activation but I've had issues in the past where it would not take if entered manually. MS and manufactures are doing strange things to foil a few people.
Give it a go. You'll know on your first. Worse scenario you'll need to re-image it back.
Am in a similar situation. What was the outcome?
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