How do i set permissions to disable save and print permissions in Sharepoint?

Hi Experts,
     I have very priority task...
I am creating list in shareoint web application with attachment columns. anythihg can be uploaded using this attachement like pdf or doc etc.. but once uploaded when end user opens it, it should open at server side, and end user should not be able to print it or save it on local machine. Which permissions do i need to set and how?
 I have tried with view only permissions but its not working as i want.
plz any one help me its very priority for me
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you can't do it , the out of the box feature cant support something like this , you have to ways to do this :
1- install RMS (Windows Rights Management Services) to set the restriction to download documnets
2- you can start the audit service , and you can know who donload document , update and delete documnets
to start Audit :
On the site collection home page, click Site Actions, point to Site Settings, and then click Modify All Site Settings. In the Site Collection Administration section, select Audit log reports.
Select the type of report that you need:
Content modifications  Reports changes to content, such as modifying, deleting and checking documents in and out
Content type and list modifications  Reports additions, edits, and deletions to content types Content viewing  Reports users who have viewed content on a site Deletion  Reports what content has been deleted Run a custom report  Enables you to specify the filters for a custom report, such as limiting the report to a specific set of events, to items in a particular Web or list, to a particular date range, or to events performed by particular user Expiration and Disposition  Reports all events related to how content is removed when it expires Policy modifications  Reports on events that change the information management policies on the site collection Auditing settings  Reports changes to the auditing settings Security settings  Reports changes to security settings, such as user/group events, and role and rights events
After you run reports on audit logs, you can use standard Microsoft Office Excel features to narrow the reports to the information you want. Some ways in which you can analyze and view the log data include:
Filtering the audit report for a particular date range
Sorting the audit log report Viewing daily retention activity Determining who has viewed or worked on an item and who has downloaded or copied an item Permission history on an item

AlMothana AlOmari
bobby010606Author Commented:
Hi AlMothana AlOmari
i really appreciate your reply requirement is not to Audit so i want to go with 1st option
1- install RMS (Windows Rights Management Services) to set the restriction to download documnets
After doint some googling i found very userful site on this like
 In this i had some questions  :-
I have downloaded this Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Client with Service Pack 2 - X64 Edition from this link this supported in server 2003...My Operation system is Windows Server it is throwing me an error like this is not supported for you operating system
Can you please let me know the site where i can get this Windows Rights Management Services for the Windows server 2008 opereating system
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bobby010606Author Commented:
AlMothana AlOmari i am still not able to download this Rights Management Services software for windows server 2008 ......i really appriciate for your second link ....that will be great if i can get the download link
Hi , in the win server 2008 you can add rule for the active directory right managnment service , from server manger -->add rule -->Active directory  right managnment service check the box and install the service
but the problem is you should pay to use this service
check the link : 


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bobby010606Author Commented:
AlMothana AlOmari.... i got an error while iam trying to do in in windows server 2008 we guys started to install in 2003 server it takes now complete day to setup and make sharepoint.......mean while can you please let me know the following things
1...Link to download RMS (Windows Rights Management Services) windows server 2003..i found the following link ..please let me know it it is rite
2....Installation steps for this RMS in windows server 2003 (any like this link which you have given for installing RMS in 2008 )
3....After installing how can i achieve my task
The client has extended for 1 more day for this requirement  
Please AlMothana AlOmari be with me till i complete my task i really appreciate your help
bobby010606Author Commented:
is the software that is provided by Microsoft is usefull ....... site is giving an .exe file like WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-ENU-X64.exe
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