How to highlight change in text in datagrid?


I have a datagrid contains numbers in columns.
When a button is pressed, a formula is applied to these columns and new numbers appear in the grid.

Is there a way to highlight cells in which numbers have changed after the button was pressed?

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Om PrakashCommented:
Please check the following example:
Dhanasekaran SengodanCommented:
meetpdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link.

But I want to highlight cells in which data has changed after formula is applied.

eg. Column 5 row 4 contains 456.
Now when button is pressed, specific mathematical calculation occurs and this value change from 456 to 793.

If the value changes ONLY then that cell of the datagrid should be highlighted.

If you have seen a trader terminal, the values when change, the cells become green or red...something like that...
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