Create Ghost Image from Machine and directly copy to dvd (bootable)

I want to boot into my normal ghost bootcd and save the image directly to my dvd writer on a blank dvd that is bootable.When I do this it asks me for boot floppies which I dont have.
Is there any way to burn this image to a dvd that wil be bootable and can be used immediately to image other machines?

Any hep appreciated
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you try with Acronis true image,
i have experience in becoz i am using it....

in Acronis, you create entire Disk or part ( like C:\ D:\...etc), then can create bootable CD...

if system goes corrupt, using bootable CD we can restore the image where it has been stored

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acronis true image is the best......try it..
raiden69Author Commented:
Hi mudassirahmed

Is there any steps on how to do this?

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1)nstall the acrnis true image software.
2) Create a bootable cd with bootmedia manager
3) boot a machine with a newly created cd
4) take the image of the machine and keep it on a network drive or on the same machine
5) take a DVD and write the image to a dvd.
6) on second computer do boot it with cd created in 2 step once the boot is over put the dvd in dvd drive, select the restore from the acronis menu..and locate the dvd image and start restoration.

i hope this helps...
1) install the acronis true image

2) create Bootable Disc
 go to start-->all program-->Acronis-->Acronis True Image Home-->Bootable Rescue media builder
in that you can create ISO image and write it to the CD, so CD becomes the bootable CD

3) take the backup of C:\ or D:\ etc..
go to start-->all program-->Acronis-->Acronis True Image Home-->Acronis True Image Home
click backup and Restore-->My Computer--> then select which drive you want to take backup

and give the path where the Image to be stored


raiden69Author Commented:

So is there a way to do this all from one dvd, without having to insert the bootable cd first.Meaning I run everything from one dvd?
in one CD/DVD you keep it as a Bootable Disk...
About image wherever u can store either in hard disk/drive etc anywhere

Bootable disk can be use if your system does not boot/start, then using bootable CD/DVD,  choose the image file where u stored  then it will get restored

thats all
raiden69Author Commented:

When I boot from the acronis boot cd, it does not recognise my dvd writer, it rather says cd writer.when i try to backup to it , it say insufficient space.What i will do now is to connect a spare drive save the image on there via the bootcd.then burn the image to a dvd.After this I will boot from the cd and insert the dvd with the backup and restore from there.. is that abou right?
Anyway I was hoping for a more straightforward solution with one dvd
yes correct, bootable CD will help only if system get crashed not able to boot

you can save image in anywhere and restore it

okay...any how u understand
raiden69Author Commented:
Ghost worked in the end
raiden69Author Commented:

I dumped the image onto a drive wrote the image to a DVD, booted the machine from the acronis boot CD.Inserted the
DVD with the image on.when i want to restore the image it gave me an corrupt image error.
After a while I decided to do the exact operation with Norton.write image to DVD -- boot from Norton disc -- insert DVD an restore.The Norton ghost option worked flawlessly

Thanx for the help
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