ISA 2006 standard NIC Issue

Hi guys,

we have an issue with our ISA server 2006. the server is in the DMZ with an internal facing NIC and two DMZ NICs. one NIC is for OWA and the other is used for internet Proxy for our users.

Recentlly last couple of days we have had network issues on the NIC that provides the proxy for our users. Somehow the NIC fails to respond to any requests. the NIC is pingable however no traffic is going throught it hence our users get an ISA error message when browsing a web page.

The only way to make this NIC "active" again is to change the subnet mask to say 16 bit and then change it back to 24 bit apply the changes and the NIC is active again and the internet is working.

I know this is not an ISA issue as OWA on the other nic works fine.

I belove the NIC is faulty or the cable is faulty.

My question to you is if i was to disable this NIC and replace it with another NIC do i need to reconfigure ISA to use this new NIC (bearing in mind that when i disable the faulty NIC i will re-apply the IP config to the new NIC).

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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:

On a supported environment, ISA can have only one external nic there fore that nic would need to support both the OWA and the internet proxy function for the users. They should not be on separate nics, as your initial post suggests.
I think you just replace the NIC, and insert all of the NIC's IP adresses and that is it.

bmsdevAuthor Commented:
can someone else confirm this?
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
This is not how ISA is designed to operate - as I am sure you know.
If you look at the procedure how to migrate ISA from another,

- Export configuration,
-Assign network (same) adresses to new server,
- Import configuration to new server.

Of course I wouldn't perform this blindly, I would definitely test this first. Maybe on a desktop with 2 or 3 different NIC cards. And perfrom the NIC "swap" on Vmware Workstation? See how that turns out.
bmsdevAuthor Commented:
Thanks SimonLimon, Keith alabaster can you clarify what you meant by "this is not how ISA is designed to operate"

bmsdevAuthor Commented:
partially answered my question although not fully
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