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I need to get files inside a document library using silverlight Object Model from my silverlight application

hi i still have problem i am able to add

using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;   to using namespace part of the program and I am able to  create ClientContext object and point it to the site i am using.  Now site, site.lists  comes as recognized keywords in my silverlight application, after adding Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Silverlight and Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Silverlight.Runtime dlls but now i need the code to get inside a sharepoint document library and get the images that are located in this document library and use images in my silverlight application  i used

            ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext("http://sharepoint-one");
            Web site = ctx.Web;
            //ctx.Load(site, x => x.Lists.Where(l => l.Title != null));
            foreach (List list in site.Lists)


this code but it gave error stating list is not initialized? i know i need to use something similar ,i am a newbie so i dont know how to achieve this what is the code for me to achieve what i want?

// old version i need to change it for taking the p11.jpg from document library

             new Thumbnail

                 //Picture = PREFIX +
                 //    "0/03/JROppenheimer-LosAlamos.jpg" +
                 //    "/200px-JROppenheimer-LosAlamos.jpg"

                 Picture = PREFIX + "p11.jpg"

.. I want to take the pictures from the document library instead of web server etc.. in my silverlight application .. How can I achieve this ? I need source code for retriving the files inside the document library and provide it to my web gallery silverlight application in the attachment you can see that i was adding the pictures with this.thumbnails.Add object  now instead i need to make use of the ClientContext ,Site.Lists etc ... to achieve this...... pls i need help ..I am attaching the code I used to achieve it but it gave an error that list collection did not initialize ?? please check the snapshot as well thank you for helping....

I am using Sharepoint 2010 and Silverlight
1 Solution
Shailaja KumarCommented:
You need to add reference to the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll, inorder for you to manipulate with the sharepoint objects,

You can try the following code for downloading the images,
SPWeb web = new SPSite(siteurl).OpenWeb();
  //Open List
  SPList list = web.Lists["ListName"];
  //Get the item
  SPListItem item = list.Items[itemid];
  SPFile file= item.file;
  byte[] binFile = file.OpenBinary();
   System.IO.FileStream fstream = System.IO.File.Create("c:\\MyDownloadFolder\\" + file.Name);
   fstream.Write(binFile, 0, binFile.Length);

fatihdiAuthor Commented:
nope it did not solve the problem in Client Object Model you dont have the SP in the begining of the words...and also this is for a list i guess i want the document library
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