How to crack password Administrator windows 2003 standard edition with Domain Controller?

I lost my password to log in Win2K. I try to use more software: (Active@ Changer Password), KonBoot, Window Admin Hack, L0phCrack,...but they can't crack this password...I think those softwares can crack local password, can't crack domain password. Another way, I try to use crackkey soft to success, but it log in in safemode enviroment. In safemode enviroment, I changed a new password for Administrator's account. After, I restart my computer, I log in with a new password...but it is not successful, it's wrong password, I tried many times but not success. Who can help me to solve this problem? Thanks.
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kietlaoquaiAuthor Commented:
OK...I fixed my problem. I searched this guide, I just run script and it fixed everything...that's easy.
Thanks for your support.
Rob StoneCommented:
Do you or another user have a Domain Admin account? If so, reset the password with that account.
When logged in, try to make another administrator account instread of changing the password of the original administrator.
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The password that you change from safe mode is a local account. The system does not log into that in normal operation. try using the Offline NT Password editor, please follow the instructions carefully.
kietlaoquaiAuthor Commented:
When I logged in safemode...and created another account, it's not success (I logged with a new's not accepted). I used Offline NT Password editor, it's not success. What's another way?
kietlaoquaiAuthor Commented:
That boot CD, I downded this link
After you download, you rename "" to "crackkey.iso" and burn it into CD. Through install, if it requests password, you type "nhatnghe" (this is a password to use this CD). This CD is appropriately licensed software.

Another way, I followed guide this link 
But follow this guide, I don't fix my problem. Can you help me? I

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