XP SP3 RPC service not starting


Yesterday while browsing Ebay I message popped up on the screen warning me that the system is shutting down and will restart.

Once restarted nothing is working as it should:

no internet connection. looking in network connections no icons are visible
system restore says it is no longer protecting my computer so cannot restore
most of the windows services are no loading automatically or manually
I cannot view properties of a service or even an event in event viewer

I have run mcafee anti virus which reports nothing
I have run stinger and again nothing
I tried to install a couple of other malware products but get a windows installer error
I performed an inplace install of xp which was successful until i logged in and received that wretched shutdown error again.
I have completely run out of ideas.

Please help!!


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It's more likely the opposite, somewhat "death by friendly fire":
False positive detection of w32/wecorl.a in 5958 DAT
Check %Systemroot%\system32\svchost.exe; if it has a size of 0, you're another victim of th botched signature update.
Did you try to go to safe mode?
press f8 at bootup. it should able to toggle to advance and boot to safe mode.
do a full scan from there. or you should be able to do a system restore from there.
osxmanAuthor Commented:

Yes, did scans in safe mode.

still cannot start system restore, or services and still cannot view properties of event viewer events.

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have u try a repair console to repair the OS?
osxmanAuthor Commented:
yes, but when i login after the repair the same message comes up about shutting down and problems still persist.
Never come across this much corruption before.

it definitely has the markings of a worm or trojan

If you are comfortable in editing registry, you can go to safe mode and find the suspicious line and remove them. most probably in the local machine and current user , software>microsoft>windows>currentversion>run
otherwise, you can backup ur important document and do a full format and installation if you want to save the trouble.
osxmanAuthor Commented:

first question EE!

Thank you so much for your brilliant support!!!

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