FSRM in Windows 2008 Server with SP1

I have installed "File Service" and "File Service Resource Manager" components in Windows Server 2008 Additional Domain Controller. Whenever I am trying to start the File Server Resource Manager from that particular server, it is unable to connect by showing the following error:

"Unable to connect to FSRM on computer \\<computer name>. This happen if the remote computer does not have the Windows Server 2008 or later version of FSRM installed, or if a connection cannot be established because it was blocked by Windows Firewall."

For your information I have already disabled the Windows Firewall service.

Require your exper solution.
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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:

have you installed the file service on the computer you are trying to connect to ?

have a look at the thread

hope that helps
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