Setting up VLAN on Layer 2 Network

I'm using Netgear FSM726 switches to setup 2 VLANS on a layer 2 network.

I have 5 of these switches linked via fibre GBIC.

> Each switch has 5 Admin PC's and 5 Office PC's.
> Admin PC's should be on VLAN1, Office PC's on VLAN2
> The Router that I want to use for both VLANs is attached to switch 5
> Admin PC's and Office PC's do not need to communicate at this point, they only share the router for Internet Access

How do I configure the VLANs? Currently, I have created the VLANs (1 & 2) in each switch. The GBIC ports are members of both VLANs, as is the Router port. The Admin PC's are untagged on VLAN1, the Office PC's are tagged on VLAN2.

Should the GBIC and Router ports be tagged on either VLAN? Currently I can't talk to the router from VLAN2.
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You need to setup VLAN on your router in order for the router to connect to VLAN2. Not all routers support VLAN trunking. What kind of router you have?

Most PC by default do not support VLAN tagging. It is much easier to setup those ports that connect to office PC untag VLAN2.

Typically I will setup VLAN1 untag and VLAN2 tag for all GBIC and router connections. However tag both will also work if you know what you are doing.
wint100Author Commented:
I have a Sonicwall TZ210 acting as the gateway/router.

So If I untag Admin PC's on VLAN1 and Utag Office PC's on VLAN2 then set GBIC to Untag VLAN1 Tag VLAN2, this should work, providing the Sonicwall is configured?

What would I need to congiure on the sonicwall?
Sonicwall TZ210 does not support VLAN tagging. One way to get around that is to configure X2 to connect to VLAN 2:

Assign X2 an IP address that is in the range of the subnet on VLAN2. Make sure VLAN1 and VLAN2 have different subnets.
On the switch 5, configure one port untag VLAN1, another port untag VLAN2.
Connect X0 of SonicWall to VLAN1, and X2 to VLAN2.

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wint100Author Commented:
So I need more cabling? Or a layer 3 Switch?
just connect another port to X2 of the TZ210 seems the easiest solution.

If you have a L3 switch, that will work as well, but then you need to look into what kind of isolation you need between the two VLAN.
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