Backup fails , asking for overwritable media


I have been running backups on  backup exec 11 d . Last week I had some strange errors.
Two backup jobs failed . Each of the  jobs are scheduled to run on the weekend.  
When I checked after  the weekend ,the first backup job was hung in active status but no data written . I dont see any reason why.The tapes were erased and added to the correct media set for that job. When I cancelled the job the error that came up was"" mount failed"".
Because of the first job the second job had not run.

The same day I rescheduled the jobs to run on two consecutive days and also erased the media for the first job and added it to the correct media set again because that was the offending media. The media for the second job I leave as it is.

The next day I see that the first job has completed ok.
the day after that I check the second job and it is hung in the active state , and there is an alert asking to insert overwritable media.

The setting I have for all my jobs is "append to media , overwrite if appendable media not available."

I am now sure that the media is not being recognised as appendable and thgen looking for overwritable media. I verify again the media properties and make sure the overwrite protection settings are as it has always been.

overwrite protect  : infinite dont allow overwrite
Append until   : infinite Allow append.

There has been many times before that jthe first job has hanged  and both jobs were rescheduled in the above manner.

In all those instances  both the jobs would run without having to do anything to the media.

On top of this

There is one other differential backup  job that runs daily. This is on a different media set /tape with the same overwrite /append settings as the others.

This diff job would run for 6 days of the week on a single tape .

This jobs were put on hold so that the full backups (mentioned above) could complete.

So after the second job fails I take away the hold on the differential jobs and wait to see what hapennes .. so I change the job settings to"" append to media, teminate job if no appendable media and as I expected the job fails. The error log says

No appendable media could be mounted.
V-79-57344-33037 - Error - Mount failed.
Physical Volume Library Media not found.

I dont know what has changed . These jobs have been running with the same routine for years now. The tapes are replaced occationally. The media sets have not changed, but for some reason ,backup exec is only taking freshly erased and allocated tapes as appendable.

I am setting up backups for this weekend  now. Please suggest where the problem could be.

So I erase the tape
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In Backup EXEC you have a MEDIA section in which you can configure the tapes them selves. the media group has settings individually for overwrite protection. and you can specify days our hours. when running a job the default is off the top of my head 2 days in which the media group will not allow the backup to run so check here first.

Just to clarify this MEDIA section is not in the JOB SETUP its in its own tab and is normally entitled DEFAULT MEDIA GROUP its these properties you need to examine
ssoswAuthor Commented:
Yes.. I have checked the properties in the MEDIA tab
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Ok and the JOB uses that specific Media group and NOT "all available media" ?
ssoswAuthor Commented:
Yes... I double check every week when I schedule jobs.  
ssoswAuthor Commented:
Tape drive faulty

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ssoswAuthor Commented:
The tape drive was faulty
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