C:\ProgramData\Application Data is not accessible

Hello Experts Exchange
I have a windows 2008 server, I am new to using this type of operating system and I trying to access C:\ProgramData\Application Data, but I'm getting the error message;

C:\ProgramData\Application Data is not accessible

I am running out of disk space very quickly on the server and I have done a check and there seems to be 7GB of disk space missing and the only place I can put it down to is;
C:\ProgramData\Application Data, but as I am unable to get access to it I can not prove that its the problem.

I have looked on the internet for a solution and have found things like Junction folders but, C:\ProgramData\Application Data  does not make any sence as it points back to its self.

Help! please?

Thank you for reading


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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:

Junction points  are Microsofts way to enable interoperability with legacy applications. Essentially, they don't exist, they are just shortcuts to the proper location.

In this case,

Directory Junction:  ..\ProgramData\Application Data\  
Destination          :  ..\ProgramData
You will want to check ..\ProgramData.


try to re-own folder folder using domain administrator log in.
right click on application data folder > security > advanced button > owner tab >select administrators > tick on replace owner on sub-containers and objects. > apply -OK. 
GrahamR99Author Commented:
I'm starting to think that Paul Danels wrote Windows server 2008 cous it's Magic!

Took ownership of the folder, but now it just opens a applicfation data into a application data folder so what I see is the same information over and over again.

The folder I took ownership of is a relocator folder and I think thats why I'm having such a bad time with it.  The folder is lighter than the rest of the folders and has a arrow from the bottom left going into the middle of the folder icon.

Do you know the location of the folder I should take ownership of?

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