Configure OWA on Exchange Server

Hi All ...... I have a Win 2k3 Server which sits behind a firewall on a corporate network which has Exchange 2003 installed. Internally on LAN I can access OWA on http, but would like to setup so Users can access OWA over https from an external non-VPN connection.
Can anyone give me some good reference material or steps?
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is a quick summary

1) You will need to pick an fqdn say
2) You will need a public fixed IP located on your firewall. say
3) create in your public dns an A record pointing to
4) on your firewall forward tcp port 443 to the internal IP of your exchange server
5) you will need to get/buy a certificate for and install it on the exchange 2003 IIS server and enable HTTPs

that's it
FlippAuthor Commented:
Perfect - thanks Akhater.

So I am fine with points 1 - 4, but it is the certificate part I have never really done before. Do I look to purchase this certificate from my current Web Hosting provider, or can I purchase this from somewhere else? Then what are the steps to install cert on  IIS?
FlippAuthor Commented:
I think I have just answered my own question ....... so I just purchase SSL Certificate through companies like Verisign.

Thank you all once again.
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